Mini Dirt Bikes and Mini Pocket Bikes

What Everybody Ought To Know — About Riding Your Mini Dirt Bike Or Mini Pocket Bikes Safely and Legally

Mini Dirt Bikes and Mini Pocket Bikes are popping up all around the country. These miniature motorcycles come in a variety of styles and are either powered by a gasoline engine or electric motor. Because these mini Dirtbikes so closely resemble their full-size counterparts, it is often mistakenly assumed that the smaller version mini dirt bike or mini pocket bikes are legal on public streets. And, despite what you may hear, because they are designed without a billet deck on which the driver may stand, they do not qualify as motor-assisted scooters (which many states allow if the engine displacement is under 40cc).

Most states’ Departments of Public Safety will tell you that these mini dirt bikes cannot be titled or registered and thus cannot be operated legally on public streets or highways. As well, since the mini dirt bike and mini pocket bikes are motorized, you may not legally ride them on sidewalks.

But that doesn’t mean that has to spoil your mini dirt bike fun! Gadgix has three great pocket bike models to choose from with quality and prices that can’t be beat and we want you to enjoy your mini pocket bikes or mini dirt bike toys safely and legally.

We encourage you to contact your local city and Public Safety departments to determine the exact laws covering your area. Put on your helmet and safety gear and get permission to ride on private property where you and your friends can enjoy zipping around on your mini dirt bike or mini pocket bikes free from the interference of roadway traffic. And as always, be sure that children ride mini dirt bikes under adult supervision.